Parent Community

    1. At CMS, we believe that parent involvement is key to both the success of the children and that of the school. Our parents are an integral part of the school community, through volunteering, participating in events, taking an interest in the academics and activities at the school, and, most importantly, by supporting their own children as they grow and develop.

The Bloom Newsletter

The Bloom is our newsletter, and our main source of communication between the teachers, the school, and the parents. The Bloom contains information about upcoming events, dates of importance, what the children are learning, and events and happenings in the classroom – and any other information from the teachers, administration, or PTO. If you are a patron of CMS, please read the Bloom – it’s your principal source of information about what is going on!

The Parent-Teacher Handbook is distributed to parents before the start of every academic year. This is the basic information about how the school works on a day-to-day basis, and our most important policies as they pertain to the students’ life at school. We kindly ask all parents to be very familiar with the Parent-Teacher Handbook, as it makes life a lot easier to know how the school works. The manual also includes expectations that the school has to its parents. Creating a great school experience for the children is always teamwork involving both school and parents.

Parent Education Nights in Elementary and Primary provide parents with an understanding of what the children do at school. We do not give homework. We have your children for more than seven hours a day; if they do not learn, it’s not the children that aren’t studying enough, its we that are not effective as a school. Children need ample time for play and relaxation, and many children are busy after school with valuable activities, such as music, art, sports, and other skill building. We want you to have time for the activities of your choice and for your child to relax and play. However, the lack of homework means we need other means for parents to follow their children’s progress. Class nights are one such tool that allow the parents to see what their children are doing.

Our Social Media pages contains material about the school and Montessori in general. Except from that, we announce future events and activities at the school in the Bloom, or by text message. We have strict guidelines for what information is posted online and on social media in order to protect the privacy and safety of our students. Like our Facebook and Instagram pages in order to get interesting updates about child development, educational science, and the world of Montessori. Elsewhere on our home website, you will find links to other Montessori-related websites.

SMS Text Messaging is used for urgent notifications about school closings, weather-related events, and other emergencies. All parents are required to sign up for our SMS Text Messaging service in the interest of the safety of their children.

The Parent Teacher Organization is a central part of parental involvement at CMS, and a fully integral part of our community. The PTO organizes events for children and grown-ups throughout the year, helps develop our grounds and classrooms, raises funds to benefit the children’s learning environment. We strongly encourage our parents to become active members of the PTO.

Open Board Meetings are held at least once every year. These board meetings are open to the CMS community, so that parents and supporters of CMS can meet with the board and discuss ideas, concerns, development plans, or anything else. The board of CMS is the ultimate representative of the children: its job is to make sure that resources are allocated in the interest of the children so that CMS can be the best possible place to be a developing and learning child.

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled regularly for the parents to learn about their child’s experience at school. In addition to the regularly scheduled meetings, parents can always ask for a meeting with their child’s teacher.

Director and Board Member Meetings – Any parent can ask to meet with the Head of School or board member any time. We value and appreciate ideas, suggestions, and feedback. CMS is a community school, and it is the combined efforts of our community that makes it great.

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