Activities After School

activities after montessori school


At CMS, we believe family and free-play time is important. It is also nice to have activities beyond school. So that our families can enjoy their afternoon and evenings together, high-quality instructors will be offering classes in art, music, sports, and other activities after school hours. These classes are not organized by the school and are not part of our curriculum – but we hope that by having such activities take place at the school premises and immediately after the school day is over, children can broaden their horizons without losing valuable family time.

After School activities currently on rotation are:

  • Art Classes for Elementary, small class instruction provided by Nora Hall and Louisa Brewer of Oil and Clay Studio
  • Violin group lessons for Elementary and Primary, with Tori Thrutchley
  • Ukulele group lessons for Elementary, music group lessons with Wess McMichael of McMichael Music
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